Custom Cars



When you have a unique need, you deserve a custom solution. Shoppa’s can help you design a golf car to meet your specific application requirements, from small modifications on existing models to completely unique units and everything in between. Don’t settle for standard equipment that can’t get your job done.

Custom features include:

  • Custom paint including air brush design work
  • Unique wheels and rims
  • Seats designed for your needs, colors and style
  • Lifted carts
  • Custom crafted body designs
  • Lights packages
  • Premium audio options
  • Street legal requirements
  • And much more.

Let Shoppa’s professionals deliver the best possible solution with a custom golf car designed to meet your specific needs. For more information on how Shoppa’s can create the right golf car for you, contact us today!

  • SunEv
  • Cushman
  • EZ GO